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Trading Post Northwest is preparing for the spring that is soon to come to Oregon, we hope.  Here in southwest Portland, it seems the rain has not stopped for nearly 9 months.  However; the news is reporting that spring is nearly here.

Springtime in Newberg last year brought us a huge increase in customers searching for GARDEN TOOLS and outdoor equipment.  From lawn mowers to weed eaters, we have a great selection of outdoor tools for sale.  Start shopping today for your spring garden tools before you need to purchase so that you will be able to take your time.

So this spring, if you need a new POWER TOOL for the handyman or craftsman in your family but your budget is limited, it is possible to find some great bargains. Ordinarily you may have shopped your local home improvement or hardware store for new tools. This year you can find good tools at the right price, keeping some of that hard earned money in your wallet for playtime in our beautiful Oregon summers.  Come visit us in Newberg.

The Trading Post Northwest is a great place to find power tools and other items at great prices. We are also always looking for a good trade or buy so that our customers can save. You will be surprised on the terrific bargains you can find. 🙂


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