New Canby Oregon Pawn Shop – Trading Post Northwest

February 20, 2013

Trading Post Northwest Opens a new Pawn Shop in Canby Oregon. The business had identified this community as having demographics similar to Newberg and better yet Canby was in need of a pawn shop.

photoWhen Mike started the Trading Post Northwest shop in Newberg he was a veteran buyer for both online and brick-and-mortar retail companies, Booth said he had barely ever stepped inside a pawn shop before he decided to open his own, but he still knew the bad rap they sometimes get as an unwitting depot for stolen goods. He was determined that wouldn’t happen at his store. Now after 4 years of serving the Newberg community he feels this goal was accomplished.

photo copyOnce head purchasing agent for the now-defunct Egghead Software and, Booth said he brought a retail mindset to his business model and set up his floor much like a retail store. About a quarter or more of his merchandise is new, having been purchased from big-box stores when they change their wares.

photo copy 2Newberg’s Trading Post, 2305 Portland Road, and the company’s new location on Southeast First Avenue in Canby — which opened late last year — buy and sell a wide variety of goods, including antique and new guns, guitars and other musical instruments, collectible coins, sporting equipment, video game consoles and televisions, games, DVDs, CDs and more.

We invite you to come visit our new location~

Trading Post Northwest “Pawn & Loan”
203 SE 1st. AVE
Canby OR 97013
503-651-PAWN (7296)

Buying Spring Garden Tools | Sherwood and Newberg Oregon |

March 20, 2011
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Trading Post Northwest is preparing for the spring that is soon to come to Oregon, we hope.  Here in southwest Portland, it seems the rain has not stopped for nearly 9 months.  However; the news is reporting that spring is nearly here.

Springtime in Newberg last year brought us a huge increase in customers searching for GARDEN TOOLS and outdoor equipment.  From lawn mowers to weed eaters, we have a great selection of outdoor tools for sale.  Start shopping today for your spring garden tools before you need to purchase so that you will be able to take your time.

So this spring, if you need a new POWER TOOL for the handyman or craftsman in your family but your budget is limited, it is possible to find some great bargains. Ordinarily you may have shopped your local home improvement or hardware store for new tools. This year you can find good tools at the right price, keeping some of that hard earned money in your wallet for playtime in our beautiful Oregon summers.  Come visit us in Newberg.

The Trading Post Northwest is a great place to find power tools and other items at great prices. We are also always looking for a good trade or buy so that our customers can save. You will be surprised on the terrific bargains you can find. 🙂

Buy and Sell Gold Jewelry | Newberg Oregon | Trading Post Northwest

December 30, 2010

Here at the Trading Post Northwest we have been in the pawn shop business for nearly sixteen months now, and we know how to treat our customers – with the respect and fairness they deserve. There are only a handful of Pawn Shops in Oregon, and to be fair to the customer we must know a lot about many different businesses. The jewelry business has always played a big part in the Pawn and Loan business. So we have worked hard to specialize in the buying of jewelry and treating you fairly.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is here to help you take care of all your business whether selling jewelry or gold, or purchasing from our large selection of jewelry in our store. If you would like to know what your valuables are worth come on in to the Trading Post Northwest, visit our Retail and Pawn Outlet in Newberg Oregon.

Some of our Services Include:

  • Expert Appraisals
  • No Fee, Long Term Layaways
  • Expert and Courteous Staff
  • Guaranteed Top Dollar Paid
  • Loans

We also know that sometimes its all about fast cash in emergencies. If you want to sell your scrap gold or scrap gold jewelry we are ready to take it. Here at the Trading Post Northwest we are Jewelry and Gold Brokers all in one. From trading in your new or broken gold jewelry to trading watches, silverware and jewels we can help.

Call us with any questions you may have: 503-487-6876

Musical Instruments Newberg | Buy Sell and Trade Southwest Portland |

December 16, 2010
Defunct phone booth, Portland, Oregon

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At the Trading Post Northwest we have a lot of our local shoppers that have asked about our Musical Instruments.  Most are looking for a certain instrument, we try to help them find. Others are asking when is a good time to trade or sell their Instrument.  Great questions, yet for us we maintain one of Southwest Portland’s largest Used Musical Instrument departments year round. So the biggest piece of advice we give out is “Don’t sell or trade an instrument that you actively use! Only sell or trade an instrument that is basically just sitting around collecting dust.” Once this happens, anytime of year is a good time to come see us. 🙂

Bringing an item into us for sell or trade? Here are a couple of quick tips to increase its value to us:

  • Get a cloth and dampen it with an alcohol-based cleaner and warm water. Wipe dust off all the surfaces and wipe off any smudges or other marks. I know sounds crazy to have to say, but you would not believe what a little elbow grease can do for a selling or trading price.Gather up all pieces and parts to your instrument.
  • Any tools, Manuals, and Cases will help increase its value to our retail customer.  This means we will also pay you more.
  • Know the brand name, how old it is, and how much you paid for it originally.
  • Last but not least, we are always amazed when people come to the Trading Post and they do not know how much they want for the item… Please know or at least have an idea of how much you want to ask for it. This saves us and you time.

So when that musical instrument seems to have fulfilled it purpose, or you are looking for an instrument yet you do not want to pay full retail. Come on in to the Trading Post Northwest, we are in Newberg, right on HWY 99 its easy to find us and we are easy to deal with.

PS3, PS2, PSP, Nintendo Wii, DS, Xbox 360 | Buy,Sell,Trade Used Game Consoles | Trading Post NW

December 9, 2010

Trading Post Northwest wants to know “are you a gamer”? Do you have a close relationship to a gamer, do you have a child who is a gamer? If you ever watch television you have at least heard of the Xbox 360. By some, it is considered the greatest gaming console on the market today. Yet, others are still in love with their Play stations and will remain faithful to them forever. As we began shopping around wondering what Consoles and Games would be popular this year (to purchase for our inventory) one thing became perfectly clear there is a ton of options out there and just as many opinions. We found this quick post online that I think sums it up in true “GAMER” fashion.

In a perfect world, determining which new game console to purchase would be out of your hands. Instead the matter would be handled Thunderdome style: Two beefy consoles enter the arena, they battle, and one console is left standing. But since such combat would inevitably lead to the enslavement of mankind by a superrace of cyborg overlords, it’s probably best to figure it out for yourself.

So instead of trying to out guess the market we began early in the year to buy and trade for all Consoles and Games. If you Are you shopping for a Game Console,  like a PS3, PS2, PSP, Nintendo Wii, DS, or an Xbox 360 or just looking about for games to use on your console. Before you go out and spend way to much, give us a call and see if we may have what you are looking for. We have been buying and trading games and consoles preparing for this time of year.  We have over 500 games in stock and a mixed assortment of the consoles and accessories available.

Buying Silver and Gold | Trading Post Northwest

November 27, 2010

Trading Post Northwest gives you the best value for all your precious metals. Whether it be jewelry or coins we are here to loan against your precious metal or buy them out-right. Come see us, we guarantee that you’ll be happy you did.

Have you heard the news $500 Silver by DEC 2011!



Visit Trading Post Northwest in Newberg. Buy your gold and silver today, while you can afford it. 🙂


Pawn Symbol | Three Gold Balls |

November 26, 2010

Lombard SymbolWe are asked quite often “What do the three gold balls represent on our logo?”. This is the international pawn store symbol.  There are legends, rumors, and all sorts of stories of where this symbol oriented from. The first theory below is the most likely, yet the second is our favorite.

The pawn shop banking originated under the name of Lombard banking. The three sphere symbol is attributed to the Medici family of Florence, Italy, this is where the name Lombard came from, it refers to the Italian province of Lombardy. The three golden spheres were originally the symbol which medieval Lombard merchants hung in front of their houses. Trading Post NorthwestIt has been thought that the golden spheres were originally three flat yellow effigies of gold coins, but that they were converted into spheres to better attract attention. Throughout the Middle Ages, the Lombards used the three balls, orbs, plates, discs, coins and more as symbols of monetary success. Pawnbrokers joke that the three balls mean “Two to one, you won’t get your stuff back”.

Another theory and for this time of year a perfect story, is about the Bishop of Myra. The Bishop was a wealthy man who came to the aid of a penniless father of three daughters. Under customs of the times, the daughters could not wed unless a dowry could be presented; if there was no dowry, they would assume a life of slavery or prostitution. The Bishop secretly visited the house of the man and his daughters at midnight and left three bags of gold for the eldest daughter’s dowry. This practice would continue until all three children were married. The Bishop became known as the Patron Saint of Children, and each year children awaited his arrival at the stroke of midnight to bring gifts of gold. Sound familiar? He is now known as Saint Nicholas.  Spreading generosity and good, Saint Nicholas is also the Patron Saint of Pawnbrokers.  Through the years, some pawnbrokers have hung three gold balls above their doors to welcome the spirit of Saint Nicholas and wish good luck to all of their customers.

There you have it, although you may find more explanations, this last theory seems to give our general feel about the symbol.  That is, we wish good luck to all of our customers! 🙂

Used Snowboards | Portland Oregon | Trading Post Northwest

November 25, 2010

Trading Post Northwest

Trading Post Northwest is in Newberg, just south of Portland and we know that this has been a tough financial year for a lot of folks out there.  We also know the holiday season is upon us and people are looking for good quality at an extra low price. About 7 months ago, expecting this outcome from the economy, we started buying merchandise and stocking up for this 2010 season.

Trading Post NorthwestTrading Post Northwest wants you to know when it comes to sports equipment or specialty sporting gear, check us out first. You’ll never know what we have in stock.

One purchase we have been focusing on is Snowboards.  At Trading Post Northwest we have over 50 top quality snowboards in stock.  We are here to say the snow has arrived in Oregon and our inventory is ready for the wise shopper.  Give us a call or drop by.  We guarantee you will not be disappointed. What you find may surprise you and so will the small price tag that goes along with it.

Boards Starting at $20.00 – Happy Holidays – 🙂

Oregon’s Premier Pawn Shop | Newberg Oregon | Trading Post Northwest

November 24, 2010



Trading Post Northwest has completed it’s first year in the Pawn Business and we are happy to say that business is booming. Located just south of Portland Oregon in Newberg we already have a terrific following. We are now launching our online campaign, this is our all new interactive blog. This Blog will give us a powerful tool that will show new items and give our customers a new way to interact with us.

Trading Post NWTo start the blog we wanted to give a bit of history about the Pawn business.  It has been very interesting how people not only react to this business, but their misconseptions of what the pawn business is all about. Pawn lending is not a new business. In fact, some reports trace pawn loans back at least 3,000 years to ancient China, as well as Greek and Roman civilizations. According to the National Pawnbrokers Association, even Queen Isabella of Spain pawned her royal jewels to finance Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the New World.

Trading Post Northwest Guitars Newberg OregonThe pawn industry came to America with the first settlers, and in the early parts of the last century, pawnbroking was regarded as the main source of consumer credit. With the rise of large consumer credit institutions, such as finance corporations, savings and loan associations, and credit unions, the pawn shop is no longer the main source of consumer credit. But the pawn shop still plays a vital role in providing consumer credit, and offering the consumer some of today’s best buys.

Every time we give loans on an item, we know that someday it could be on our shelf for sale. Therefore, we only deal in good quality merchandise. Our pawn shop is an established business, locally owned, not here today and gone tomorrow like the flea market, auction sale, garage sale, or the guys selling out of a van on the side of the road. As pawn brokers we know our business is only as good as our reputation, and we work hard to make that apparent.

Trading Post Northwest InsideCome visit us in Newberg, one of Oregon’s largest pawn shops. You never know what you will find. You would have to visit dozens of different retail stores to find all the different types of merchandise we have in this single pawn shop. Jewelry, DVD’s, silver, watches, stereos, sporting goods, cameras, musical instruments, tools, guns, TV’s, computers, bikes, Snowboards and much much more! 🙂

Hello world!

November 3, 2010

Lombard Symbol

Welcome to the Trading Post Northwest Blog!

“One of Oregon’s Largest Pawn Shops.”